Tuesday, May 27, 2008

peripatetic long weekend

A few notes on the long weekend...

Waradwen: I am just about sick of doing dailies, which is almost all I've done with good old Wara lately. I haven't been able to get the time together to do any raiding the past few weeks and consequently haven't been spending much time boomkining around. The good news is that I'm up over 1100 gold and have my full raid kit together, so any money I make between now and next raid goes towards Swift Flight Form. One of these days...

Waradwenne: Poxing night is tonight and am I pleased as punch. We're in the Scarlet Monestary again tonight, planning to tear up the Library and get Daxe his dagger, then dip our wee toesies into the Armory. Next week we're going to switch things around a little and go tackle Razorfen Downs, which should be a lot of fun. Like most of these instances, I've only run RFD once and am looking forward to the full experience. My previous RFD experience was essentially: "Watch these guys tear it up and try not to get killed." Heh.

Engineering training is going nicely, although it's costing a pretty penny. Thanks to a helpful benefactor, I'm up to 130 and made a handful of small seaforium charges. I even got to open a locked box the other day with one, which was very exciting.

Rotaan: The gaseous dwarf is up to level 32 after a lot of play time this weekend. I still haven't taken him tanking yet, which I really need to do. I'm simultaneously nervous and excited about the possibility of tanking. Gnomer and RFK are beckoning me, though, to plumb their depths...

Over the course of the weekend, I outpaced Rotaan's crafting skills. Until now, I've been able to make gear that's too good for his level, but not anymore. I'm stuck making the green iron armor for a little while longer. Oh well. It's a nice set. I can also now mine mithril, which is pretty exciting. Whenever I read the word, I hear Gimli's voice in my ears. Haha. I'm such a dork.

Rotag: The last toon I spent some time with this weekend is Rotag, my Draenei pally tank. Well, will be tank, one day. After realizing how much fun engineering is with Waradwenne, I decided that it would be a good skill for him to have. Rotaan can feed him some armor and weapons, and Rotag can keep his eyes locked on those beautiful tanking goggles (which will probably be obsolete by the time he gets there, but who cares?

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