Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ding 61

I hit 61 last night in Hellfire Peninsula. Woot. I spent the point on Omen of Clarity, which seems to have a bad reputation that I don't understand. I guess that as a pure resto build, you aren't going to be doing a lot of melee attacks, but for me it seems great.

The Hellfire Peninsula quests are still yellow and red, so my plan is to continue banging around in there. I might start cruising into Zangarmarsh as well, to start building that Cenarion Expedition rep up. [Earthwarden] ftw!

I just about broke even with money last night. I bought 20 [Thorium Bar]s and a few [Arcane Crystal]s for my transmutes which set me back about 30g, but I did manage to make much of that up. I think I ended up down 10g for the night, so I'm not too upset about that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

first primal!

I made my first primal last night which was just terribly exciting. I was killing voidwalkers for a couple of quests and about every other one would drop a [Mote of Shadow]. It didn't take this subgenius too long to realize he could combine them into a [Primal Shadow]. Hot, right?

I'm also making a decent amount of money right now. Not compared to what I'll do after hitting 70, I've heard, but far better than what I've been doing previously. Between the four or five quests I turned in yesterday and the stuff I was able to sell, I'm up over 100g. That's net for the day, too, because I'm fully repaired and stocked up on food and water. Hurray!

My plan for the rest of the week is to keep banging on the Hellfire Peninsula quests. They're all still yellow (or red) and haven't gotten exceptionally difficult yet. Maybe I can even hit up the Citadel this weekend? Get a little Ramparts action going? That'd be sweet.

Monday, October 29, 2007

ding 60

I hit 60 this weekend while adventuring in Outland. I'm finding the leveling there much easier than the past 10 levels or so, or at least I'm having more fun doing it. There are spots that are tough, certainly, and some areas are ridiculously crowded with mobs, but it seems to fit my play style well, for whatever that's worth. There's actually only been one quest that I've found frustrating...I must have died three or four times trying to burn that last building. Bastards.

Hitting 60 opens up some new opportunities, of course. I'm working to save money for my epic mount training. I have a friend who has offered to loan me the balance once I hit 300 gold, but I'm a while off from that. Money's coming easier, but 540 gold is still a lot of money. I have a [Swift Brewfest Ram] already from the Brewfest event so at least I don't have to spend the money on a mount as well as the training.

I also chose a faction in Shattrath City over the weekend. I chose to align with the Scryers...the gear available from them seemed more useful for a moonkin like myself, plus they have an alchemy recipe available. I'm pretty indifferent to the blood elves overall -- I actually find them a little too pretty for my taste -- but whatever. At least the women are hot, right? Heh.

panzerkin ftw

This video was shared on my guild forum this past weekend. All I can say is, "Holy Crap!" If you haven't seen it (or don't want to spend the 15 minutes watching it), it's a moonkin tanking The Prince, Maulgar, and Gruul. Simply beautiful. I'm completely inspired.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Popup Testing

This is a test post to make sure my mouseover popups work. Thanks to BBB for the code. Code originally written by Okoloth at the Armory Musings blog.

Wara's current staff: [The Staff of Twin Worlds]

First Post

Hello, world! A little introductory material to start off the blog. My intention is to use this to chronicle my alternative life in Azeroth (and Outland) as Waradwen, a tauren druid on Arathor. My "real life" blog, Sciencemonkey, has become overrun lately with WoW-related crap and I want to use this space to organize my writings a little better.

At the time of this writing, Wara is level 59 and has recently ventured to Outland. I'm an alchemist (309/375 skill) and an herbalist (328/390). I'm primarily balance spec-ed, spending most of my time running around as a moonkin. I like the ability to play multiple roles in a group, though, so I've got a few points in resto for healing talents.

I'm a member of Slack Attack and am looking forward to the ever-approaching day that I'll get to go raiding with them. Afaik, we've (they've) cleared Kara and downed Gruul and have those two dungeons on farming status. The next goal seems to be the Lurker in SSC but there has also been some runs at the Void Reaver in TK.

Enough background. On to the fighting!