Thursday, October 30, 2008

gorilladins? totally awesome

As I mentioned a few days back, my baby hunter got herself a gorilla pet. Last night I had a half hour to test him out. Verdict? Awesome.

We started out slow, going after the level 32-34 Bloodscalp trolls north of Grom'gol. One or two? No problem. By the end of the festivities, Bobo was holding aggro on three or four trolls and I could blast away to my heart's content. The hardest part, honestly, was picking them all up in the first place and keeping my mana up. Good times.

After tearing them up, a questgiver sent me to the Arathi Highlands, with some nice, tasty level 34-36 ogres and raptors. Again, no problem! At one point, Bobo and I tore down a level 33, 34, and 36 rare ogre. We got a nice clothie hat and access to a couple of iron nodes for our troubles. It was a little close with some of the heals, but we felt pretty proud of ourselves by the end.

I need to figure out how to more efficiently use Bobo's energy, because that was probably the rate limiting factor in our adventures last night. Maybe cast the first thunderstomp myself, then set it to autocast? I'll bet the astute BRK has some advice in that direction. Some how-did-I-live-without-this-before macros, perhaps.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a question and a new pet

Is a level 70 epic BOE enough motivation to level a new alt?

Last night Waradwen went on a midbee, early Kara fun run, to pick up a few badges and see the Scourge Invasion boss. It was fun to see a new fight and, admittedly, it was almost fun to clear all the trash on the way to him. I've never been into the scullery in Kara or in the animal boss area, so that was fun to explore. The boss fight itself was more annoying than difficult. Our tank did an awesome job kiting him around in a big circle while we blasted him between Blood Mirrors. Love the new pet, too.

After killing the new boss, we were clearing our way towards the Maiden when [The Night Blade] drops! And I won the roll! But now, what should I do? I don't have a rogue, and this sucker just screams rogue. The melee DPSers I have are a shammy and a paladin, and I don't see the point in either of them equipping this bad boy. And I don't want to just sell it to a random dude at the Auction House. Soooo...yeah. I'm probably going to start a new alt. I mentioned yesterday that the priest wasn't a great fit yet... /stabbystabby!

The last thing I did last night before bed was to hop on my hunter, push her to level 32, and get her a badass gorilla. In complete huntard fashion, I forgot to take the appropriate food for the gorilla after I tamed him. Der. Fortunately, it turns out that gorillas will eat halloween candy. And that will make him happy enough to get him back to the closest town. I'm looking forward to testing him out tonight.

Happy maintenance day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

state of the (horde) toons report

On the eve of the Lich King's re-emergence (and due to my self-resurrection as a poor blogger), I thought I'd give a summary of where my toons are and what they're doing. Yay!

Waradwen - Doin' dailies, makin' money, light raiding. A few months back my Horde guild asploded and, faced with a number of suboptimal options, Wara stepped through a strange portal and found himself on a new server. Same world, just slightly shifted. He's found a really awesome guild and I'm having as much fun with him (and in WoW in general) as I ever have. Wara's primary goals right now are feeding his achievement addiction (Salty Chef Waradwen Jenkins the Hallowed, ftw) and pwning Kara for badges. Moar badges! My guild got together for an rp-inspired tear through Gruul's lair and impromptu Magtheridon raid this weekend which was really fun. I'd seen Gruul's before -- once or twice -- and it was fun to get back. My rolls sucked, or I might have been decked out in complete tier 4 this morning. And Magtheridon was awesome, too. Nerfed to hell, apparently, but a lot of fun to down regardless.

As I'm on a new server, I decided to make new alts rather than spend the money to move below-level-30 dudes. Not worth it, right? So, a new horde of my own. Maybe I can be Thrall when I grow up!

Alt the first: the hunter. My first alt on that brave, new world was a belf hunter. Female, naturally. So hawt! Hahaha. I got her to level 30 this weekend and picked up a purple hawkstrider, which still feels weird. Mounts at 30? Well, I'm not going to walk... She's a miner/engineer, mostly for the fun toys. Right now I'm having an awesome time as a beastmaster, running around with a raptor pet, rocking the crap out of mobs that are much higher than me. This weekend she took down Frostmaw, a level 37 yeti, having just reached 30, to earn a lovely new headdress. Nerf hunters!

Alt number two: a troll mage. Magey is a special toon (no, not that sort of special), running in a static group approximately once a week. He can bring some awesome dps to the instances we're running, although I'm still trying to figure out mana and threat management. He started out as an herbalist/alchemist, but I found I really wasn't spending time farming with him and he dropped herbalism for inscription with the last patch. Very fun. He hit level 21 last week and loves the crap out of blink and teleport. So awesome.

Alt number three: a Tauren shaman. Goddamn I love the Tauren and love adventuring in Mulgore. I'm still getting the hang of playing a shaman. He's specced enhancement at the moment, which feels a lot like leveling a pre-boomkin druid. Pull with lightning bolt, dot with flame shock, then pound to death with a big staff. I really like having a spell interrupt for fighting casters and the totems are useful for emergency situations or for fighting big mobs. By and large, I'm moving around too much to spend the mana setting up the totems on a regular basis. I haven't had a chance to run any instances, yet, but I think that's where the totems will really shine. As of this weekend, he's up to level 18. He's my primary farmer at the moment, an herbalist/miner, gathering herbs for the mage's potions and inks and ore for the engineer and the jewelcrafter and the future blacksmith and... A brief note about herbalism. I *love* the new HoT spell. It has already saved his steak-y butt a few times from the fire.

Alt number four: a Forsaken priest. This guy is probably my worst fit so far, but it's still early. Actually, let me qualify that a little. Soloing with this guy is the worst fit. I ran around with a friend leveling a warrior a few weeks ago and had a serious blast. Since then I've downloaded HealBot, which is pretty groovy. No instances, yet, but about ready to push into the WC range. He's still low enough that fights are generally smite-smite-shadow word:pain-wand to death. Hopefully groups and getting further into the talent trees will help. As for professions, he's a tailor/(dis)enchanter.

Alt number five: a paladin. Another hawt belf chica, with a big sword. Pretty fun. Looking forward to consecrate. She's a miner/jewelcrafter. The mining is fine, helping to feed engineering and provide mats for jewelcrafting, but I'm not overwhelmed with JC. Any gem I want for Wara I can either get on the AH or cut by a friend... The self-healing statues are nice (and easy skill points!) and it is nice to provide low-level rings and necklaces for the new family of alts.

Alt number six (coming soon!): a Tauren death knight. I've got the name I want reserved with an unplayed alt and am just waiting until November. My plan is for him to be a miner/blacksmith, probably making cool swords and axes for himself. I'm trying to bank a bunch of copper and tin ore prior to the expansion so I can ease his mining leveling through smelting. Exploration will be fun, but I don't really want to do have to spend a lot of time mining copper in Durotar as an uberl33t death knight. Hehe.

Alt number seven: the former Poxic warlock. Waradwenne is still hanging around on Anvilmar, but at some point soon I'd like to consolidate her with the rest of the army. I've played her for maybe half an hour since the Purples broke up (/cry) so there hasn't been much progress on that front. She's still a tailor, but she dropped engineering and isn't sure what to pick up. Herbalism, probably, so she can funnel higher-level herbs to the mage. In general, she's on hold until I have a little more disposable income.

So there you go. Lots of little alts who will, someday, be fearsome fighters. By endgame, I'll have a couple of tanks, a couple healers, and a bunch of fearsome DPS to make with the pew pew! Pew! Pew! /cast Starfall

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

this is hallow's end

Until this past weekend, I would have told you that Brewfest was my favorite in-game holiday. Now, I'm really not sure. Between how addicted I've become to Achievements and how much I love the sweet, sweet taste of candy, I am having a complete blast with Hallow's End. And I have the screenshots to prove it!

First, the obligatory pumpkinhead-on-dragon picture:

And how about pumpkinhead-on-nether-ray?

Big! Orange! Pumpkinhead!

Spooky undead pumpkinhead...ooooh...spoooooky...

Well, at least the little animals of the forest love me.

Ghost dance!

Lastly, for this set, have you noticed that the wisps have faces? I hadn't, until this weekend!

Some guildies and I took on His Headlessness Monday night. Well, that's not news. We seem to be doing that most nights, as are most other WoW players. But, while one of them gathered the quest to summon the Horseman, I played punchfight with the Scarlet Monestary's mobs. Somebody wants a knuckle sammich...

On the next-to-last kill, the Sinister Squashling dropped and I won the roll! Woo!

I've gone trick-or-treating through Outland and the Eastern Kingdoms, but have yet to see a flimsy mask drop. Grr. Oh well. There's plenty of time left. Otherwise, I'm nicely on my way to becoming Waradwen the Hallowed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

/cast Revive

Huh. Things are looking a little neglected around here. Almost like a hurricane came through, or something. Well, time to roll up the sleeves and get some cleaning done. I wonder if there are any blood elves around...they've got those handy magic brooms...