Thursday, August 21, 2008

let it begin!

In the spirit of BRK's recent post:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wednesday's damage report

This is the Recount data from Wednesday night's foray into Kara. Yes, it is partly to gloat about being #1 in damage done, despite being dead for the entirety of the Maiden fight, but mostly it's to highlight the #2, my friend and guildie Linada, who just hit 70 recently and was on her first Kara run. Nerf hunters, yo!

feeling competitive

Thursday, August 7, 2008


As I mentioned earlier today, I seriously considered respecing to feral last night to help my guild in Kara. Before offering, though, I made a frenzied tear through my bank so see if I was even close to geared well enough, because a night as tank with no practice and no gear sounded like a fate worse than death. Tanking with no practice but with adequate gear sounded painful, but in a fun sort of way. I highly esteem druids who can play multiple roles and hope to be one of those sorts someday.

So, where to start evaluating my gear? With BBB's guide, of course! And, you know what? I'm not too horribly undergeared, probably because this has always been an idea in the back of my head. As a leatherworker, I had a Heavy Clefthoof Armor set in the bank (actually, in my backpack, if you want to be specific). Similarly, I had my [Braxxis' Staff of Slumber] and picked up the [Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve] after hitting Exalted with those dudes. Now we're getting somewhere. And take a look at the snazzy cloak that I got on a previous Kara run when nobody else had any desire for it. Quick shopping expeditions brought in a set of [Dragonhide Gloves] and [Dragonhide Spaulders], as well as a mess of gems to kit everything out. Oh! And my newest shiny, [Darkmoon Card: Madness] brings in a ton of needed health.

Phew. That was a lot of text. So what does it boil down to? 9800+ health, 398 defense rating, 95 resilience, and 17,540 armor in bear form. Not terrible...not great, but not terrible at all. This looks like a fun new avenue to wander down for a bit, doesn't it?

[Edit 8/8/08]: According to the defense rating macro listed at WoWWiki, Wara's gear is enough to make him uncritable if I respeced to feral (with 3/3 Survival of the Fittest). Rawr.

the tower? the tower! rapunzel!

Last night Wara got to return to Karazhan, for the first time in months, and it was awesome. I logged in to do some dailies and fart around for a bit, and what do I see but a Kara group forming, and they need more. Woo! I actually flirted with the idea of respecing to feral, as we were short tanks, but ultimately I got to do what I do best, stand back and blast stuff. Yeehaw.

In a way that's very amusing to me, this was my first trip to lower Kara. Curator, Prince, Nightbane? Killed 'em all. Attumen? Um...quick, to WoWWiki! Heheh. The only boss fight I haven't seen yet are the animal bosses. I don't think they have anything that I want, anyway. Plus, I've heard their grapes are sour. That's just what I've heard.

It was odd at first, being back in boomkin form for a group adventure. All of my recent play as Wara has been solo, so I haven't had to think about threat or aggro or that sort of thing, and my recent group experience has been as Waradwenne, who couldn't pull aggro to save her life. Blessing of Salvation, I needs it.

The Attumen fight was quite straight-forward, as probably most of you know. Starfire, starfire, starfire, keep up faerie fire and thorns when you remember. A few minutes later, dead horse and rider.

Moroes was more of a struggle, and it took three times to get him down. The first round was one of those ridiculously close, can't believe we didn't get him fights, where we honestly got Moroes down to 1% before wiping. I got garroted early and spent probably too much of my mana trying to help keep myself alive, so by the time Moroes was at about 30%, I was OOM and very shortly out of health. The second try was just a complete mess. Among the party guests last night was the arms warrior, and he got loose early and wreaked havoc. I don't know if he really targets the healers on purpose, but it felt that way last night. It wasn't technically a wipe, because the RL saw what was happening and told us all to run out and reset the fight before we all croaked. Smart man, that druid. The third attempt was quick and efficient. We blasted down three of the guests, then were able to keep the fourth shackled while we downed Moroes himself. Fun. And for my trouble, I got a little rubber ducky! Hurrah!

By this time it was getting late for a Wednesday (especially after all the arrangements it took to get the group going in the first place), so we all had enough energy for just one more boss, Maiden. Somewhere between Moroes and Maiden we lost our enhancement shaman, so we were going in a little light, but it felt worthwhile to try. It turns out we can down Maiden with only seven. Well, perhaps I shouldn't say we, because I was one of the corpses. As we were entering her room and positioning ourselves, somebody must have come too close because first our warlock died, then I died. Since we were *basically* set, the tanks were able to corral her and we were able to continue the fight. Our RL came up with a plan: he'd battle-rez me, then I'd battle-rez the warlock. Good plan, right? Well, it probably was, except the Maiden took exception to my coming back to life and thwacked me on the head before I could get my rez off. Bitch. Stoutly, the rest of the group forged ahead and brought her to her knees. Lots of work for two badges, eh? Although, it's not like I did a whole lot. Hmm. Free badges!

So that was my fun for last night. I need to get my raid kit back together, although I don't think I'm out of anything except for flasks. All in all, a most successful evening, and I'm that much closer to having enough badges for the [Crystalwind Leggings].

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all good things

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of the Purple Poxers. This was an amazingly fun and interesting experiment and I want to thank the other Purples for the chance to be part of the group.



To Nas, Dax, Ess, and Mr. Ess, thank you. You'll always be Purple Poxers to me. Watch out for that hole, next time you're going to the Wailing Caverns...