Wednesday, May 21, 2008

podcast suggestions

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Hey, gang. I need some advice from y'all. I b0rked my iTunes library the other day and am having to reload everything. Since I'm going through and resubscribing to all of my podcasts, I figured I'd take this chance to see if there are any that you'd recommend that I'm missing. So...what'cha listening to?

So far, here's my list:
- This American Life
- NPR: Science Friday
- NPR: Sunday Puzzle
- NPR: Wait, wait...
- alt.NPR: What Would Rob Do?
- All the awesome stuff from (Jordan Jesse Go, The Sound of Young America, TSOYA Classics, Coyle & Sharpe, Kasper Hauser, and The College Years)
- The Instance
- Cory Doctorow's Podcast
- How I WoW
- EFF Linenoise
- Radio Free Burrito
- Radio Lab
- Krulwich on Science
- retroCRUSH

What am I missing?


Rabbit Stew said...

um...I may just bogart your list...I don't listen to podcast (yet) but I guess there's a brave new world I need to check out. So no suggestions here...but thanks for the list

Rusco said...

Anything WoW Radio; but more specifically Warcraft Anonymous, Maxspeed, and Octale and Hordak (all shows under the wcradio banner are great, though). SModcast if you're a fan of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. I listen to many of your NPR podcasts, might you like Fresh Air? And Car Talk just because I love listening to those two, even if I don't learn anything about cars.

I used to have "What would Rob do" but I never actually listened to it. I might give it another try.