Thursday, May 22, 2008

more podcast goodness

(Again, cross-posted from my /afk blog, because there's some nice gaming podcasts in here for y'all.)

Item the first: Go donate to the Maximum Fun Drive. Do it! Be like all the cool kids (and me)!

Item the second: I found a new knitting blog to add to my reader, if only because of the title (well, the content looks cool, too): The A.D.D. Knitter. Hurray, knitting! Hurray, AD...wait, what was I talking about?

Item the third: New podcasts to try, from friends' suggestions and the depths of my memory! Here's some updates to my previous list (which I promise to fill in with linkage in the next day or so):
- The Savage Love-cast
- Shut Up. We're Talking.
- Witty Ranter
- You Look Nice Today (recommended personally by his awesomeness, Jesse Thorn)
- Cast On
- Sticks and String
- Y Knit
- Stash and Burn
- It's a Purl, Man
- News from Lake Woebegone
- Car Talk
- NPR: Hidden Kitchens
- QN (formerly known as Quirky Nomads)
- A Brobdingnagian Minute
- Marc Gunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
- And how could I forget retroCRUSH, the Podcast?

That'll keep you busy for a few days, eh?

N.B.: I haven't yet listened to many of these, but they're recommended by people I like and whose taste I generally approve of. Just saying. YMMV.

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