Wednesday, May 28, 2008

he's their champion?

Another Tuesday night means another Purple Poxing on a dungeon. Hurray! Last night, our heroes found themselves in the Scarlet Monestary's Armory, ready to do battle with The Scarlet Champion, Herod. Final score: Purple Poxers: 3, Scarlet Crusade: 1 (and really that was an own-goal).

The always-resourceful Daxe brought some tasty treats for us to enjoy.

[Insert your own ball joke here]

Viewing the Scarlet Champion for the first time.

Afterwards, we decided to die and run from the graveyard rather than hearth and run from the Undercity or fight our way through the respawns. This is as close as I'll ever get to naked Ess. /drool

Oh, noes! Naked ghosts!

At least I remembered to leave my tabard on. What a nightmarish image this would have been otherwise, eh?

Um, yeah, so we killed them all a few more times. In the meantime, I caught this nice picture of 'dwenne illuminated by her wand. Blizzard has done some really cool things with light and shadows that I'm just now coming to appreciate.

Ignore the fighting for a moment. How cute is the mechanical squirrel? I had never looked at him quite so closely before.

Herod? Dead. Trainee #1? Dead. Trainee #37? Oh, he's dead, too. In fact, they're all dead, here!

Next week, we're hunting some more quillboar, with a few skeletons thrown in, for good measure. And some nice clothy loots, perhaps?

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