Tuesday, June 24, 2008




in which our hero emulates narcissus

S: i've been looking at some of the youtube spore creatures
S: there are tons of penises
me: hahaha, naturally
S: dancing creatures that are very well endowed
S: and some that are just dancing dongs
me: well, it's important to cover both of the sides of teh issue
me: you can either have a huge wang, or just be one
S: -nods sagely-
S: i think you have summed up life
me: huh...guess that puts me in the second category
me: gonna have to be less friendly, then

Sunday, June 22, 2008

one year of toons

The start of the Midsummer Fire Festival yesterday marks my first anniversary of playing WoW. It's a little arbitrary, I realize, because I can't remember the specific date, but the Festival had just started when I started playing. In celebration, I present to you One Year of Toons:

The center photo is Waradwen, of course. Clockwise from the upper left corner we have Waradwock (26 Tauren hunter), Warabelle (11 Forsaken warlock), Waratrix (19 Troll mage), Sugartotems (6 Tauren shaman), Waradin (13 Blood Elf warlock), Waraclipse (15 Tauren druid), Floradwen (6 Night Elf druid), Waragrad (11 Human warlock), Rotag (22 Draenei paladin), Rotaan (42 Dwarf warrior), Waradwenne (36 Orc warlock), and Waradyne (11 Blood Elf paladin). Repetition of classes is due to multiple servers or factions. Woo!

Here's to another year, at least as much fun as the past! Much love to Kalimdor Slackers/Slack Attack on Arathor, Kiss My Murlock on Arathor, Pox Arcanum on Anvilmar, and the Sidhe Devils on Kael'thas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SM/RFD gear goals for 'dwenne

In an attempt to help focus our Poxing adventures, I'm making a list of gear that I'd like over the next four levels. What 'dwenne currently has is listed on the first line and the reasonable, available options are listed underneath. Let's assume that at the end of this thought experiment that I'm level 40...

Head: [Enchanter's Cowl]
- [Whitemane's Chapeau] (SM-Cath)
- [Spellpower Goggles Extreme] (Engineering 225; currently 186)

Shoulders: [Berylline Pads]
- [Mantle of Doan] (SM-Lib)
- [Inquisitor's Shawl] (SM-Cath)

Back: [Long Silken Cloak]
- [Silky Spider Cape] (RFD)

Chest: [Robe of Power]
- [Robes of the Lich] (RFD)

Wrists: [Elder's Bracers of the Eagle] (+5 Int, +4 Sta)

Hands: [Durable Gloves of the Owl] (+6 Int, +6 Spi)
- [Shadoweave Gloves] (Tailoring)
- [Dreamweave Gloves] (Tailoring)

Waist: [Belt of Arugal]
- [Deathmage Sash] (RFD)

Legs: [Black Mageweave Leggings]
- [Shadoweave Pants] (Tailoring)

Feet: [Spidersilk Boots]

Weapons: [Hypnotic Blade] and [Omega Orb]
- [Prophetic Cane] (Quest reward from SM)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

more wow amusements

I'm such a nerd, but WoW Bash is pretty funny. Case in point:

productive day

This has been tempting me all day. I'm not playing at work, of course, but I might have used work's internet to download the rest of the program...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

big league lag

For reasons mentioned over at my /afk blog, I am hiding from the Florida heat at my folks' house this week. A while back I set up their wireless network, so I figured I could bring my laptop out here and play a little WoW in the evenings; no raiding, clearly, and I planned to avoid major cities as much as possible, but I thought I could do some questing and maybe try an instance or two. No such luck.

The wireless connection works just fine. In fact, I'm using it now to type these words to you. Email, blogging, facebook, IM? All fine. WoW? Not so much. I can log in, but then can't interact any further. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I get about a five-minute window where I can play normally, then it's lag city. Some fun screenshots to share:

I can connect, although typically all other characters and NPCs are labeled as "Unknown". Sometimes I know who I am. Sometimes.

My Friends tab works. Hmm...maybe I should blur out those names...oh well.

Uh-oh...that quest log was nearly full last time I checked...

I can run around, but there's some weirdness happening. Like the twelve-foot-tall raptor attacking Southshore. That doesn't seem quite right.

Oh, and I can die. Isn't that lovely? I can't attack, but I can die.

After two nights of fighting, I can't figure out why this isn't working. The firewalls are all configured correctly, so far as I can tell. There is some griping about lag spikes and random disconnects with Cox Cable, which is what my parents have for their internet connection (we have DSL at our house), so maybe that's the problem. How frustrating.

Oh well. A few days off isn't going to kill me (/twitchtwitch). In a way that's very bad for my productivity, I did download the EQII free trial...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

looking forward to one year of wow

The upcoming Midsummer Fire Festival will mark my first anniversary of WoW. I can't believe that I'm almost at a year already, it has really gone quickly. Over the course of the next month I'm going to post a series of posts, summarizing my adventures and what I've learned. It, um, probably won't be a long series. To paraphrase a bad joke, you can tell a Tauren, but you can't tell him much. Moo.

Portrait of the Druid as a young bull