Friday, November 30, 2007

memory lane

In a recent guild forum post, Zal reminded me of when she ran me through WC, back when I was but a wee lad. I actually don't remember that run specifically, but I do remember the night we went through RFK. I was...mid-20's, I think. Zal was working on her hunter alt who was quite a bit further advanced, maybe into her late 30's by then. We and a few other guildies tore through the keep and, as I recall, I did pretty good dps in cat form, maybe even as high as second among the group. Oh, but then she was like, "Hey! Let's go into RFD!"

Wara hits for 0. Miss. Miss. Crit for 2. Block. Dodge. Miss. Hit for 1. And so on, through the rest of the night. Heh...I was a little bit underpowered for that dungeon. I did get a sweet dagger, though, one of my first-ever blues, [Coldrage Dagger]. It took me a few weeks until I was able to actually use it, of course, but it was freaking sweet.

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