Thursday, February 28, 2008

purple poxic rashomon: Wara's view

The recaps of the Purple Poxers Premiere are coming fast and furious, so I'd better get my account out there before it becomes completely redundant. Not that that would actually stop me, of course...

7:00 comes and I log on, having been home for perhaps half and hour and having wolfed down dinner. The other purples are on already and we congregate at the Orgrimmar bank, dancing and cheering that we're actually all online at the same time. A few tweaks and button-presses later, I hear new voices in my ears! It's Madja! And Daxe Fifth Avenue! And after a little more fumbling, they can hear me, too! Woot! I have an historic aversion to voice-activated mics (they seem to clip off the first syllable, but I haven't used one in years), so I used the push-to-talk feature. Most of the time I remembered to hit the button when I had something to say. :-D After a few minutes of mindless chatter and idling, Daxe took over leadership duties and moved us out. Here we are, running south of Org to kill some sailors. I haven't figured out how to take a picture of the front of us all when camera rotates back, so most of my shots of us are from the rear. A setting somewhere, I suspect...


We were so unbelievably OP for this region it wasn't even funny. No, it actually was funny. Admittedly these guys were lower than our level, so any of us could have soloed the area, but they dropped like...huh. I don't know a good dropped like simile. They hit the ground like a prom dress? Close enough. I, in fact, could hardly even get my first DOT cast before they were dead. I need to change that macro, so that I cast Curse of Agony and Corruption first, so I can at least do a little damage. Immolate just takes too much time.


We breezed through the sailors, then wreaked havoc on the Razormanes, killing them so efficiently I couldn't keep count. We turned those quests in, then started the long run to Thunder Bluff so Madja could get her bear form. RAWR!

Of course, the run to TB took us through the Barrens, and we couldn't help but test our skills on some higher-level mobs. Level 12 raptors? Toast. Level 16 hyenas? No problem. Well, except for Daxe dying when a centaur and his two pets came up at the same time, and none of us noticed until it was too late. *sigh* Poor Daxe. A short corpse run later we were back on our way. We safely made it through Mulgore (which still feels like home, despite my playing an Orc now) and to TB. Much milling around ensued while Madja spirited off to commune with the Great Bear Spirit, or whatever. When she was done playing in the woods, we flew back to Camp T to finish her quest, and we had to kill a Moonkin! A Moonkin! I had forgotten! How horrible is that? I almost couldn't do it, but then realized that I was a lock now and should be unaffected by petty emotions. Burn, baby, burn!

After nomming on some fried chicken, guess what we saw. A level ?? (to me, at least) thunder lizard Thunderhead. Dare we? Of course we dare! And down went dino! I was actually a little surprised that we could do it -- most of my spells were resisted -- but we managed to bring it down. Madja wasn't even a high enough level skinner to take its hide as a trophy. How tragic is that?


A brief flight back to TB and Madja had her bear butt. No comments from me on the size. Dance, bear, dance!


Once these serious matters were attended to, we were back to Orgrimmar to start the RFC quest chains. Collecting all of those [Lieutenant's Insignia] took a good three or four clears of the Burning Blade's cave. While we were there we grabbed the tablet I needed to get my voidwalker and eventually collected all of the badges we needed. Gazz'uz took a pretty bad beating, too. We must have killed him five times while we were rampaging through the caves. Insignia in hand, we were back to Thrall to turn them in. His Magnificence humored us while we took a few group pictures with him. That Thrall...he's some Orc.


By this time, it was getting late. Due to RL schedules, we only had about a half hour of play time left, so we decided to try a few pulls in RFC. We went slowly -- well, that's not really true. We were just careful and methodical -- and burned down a mess of troggs. By the time the evening ended we had collected enough dead troggs to finish one of the instance quests and were skilled enough to handle three of them at a time. Not bad for a bunch of level 11 and 12s, eh? Harisan did a nice job for her first ever tanking experience. No, that sounds like a backhanded compliment. She really did well. We used my voidwalker to tank a second mob when we were dealing with three at a time which worked pretty well. Tank one, voidwalker one, and sheep the third. Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.



As we exited, the second group was getting ready to start their run, and there was an impromptu Pox Arcanum party down in the Clef of Shadows.


Overall, it was a hell of a fun night. The plan for next week is to get Harisan's class quest done with so she can taunt, then decimate RFC. This is going to be an interesting experiment. I think we're all going to get very tired of the quests where we each have to grab one of an item -- like the early Hidden Enemies quest -- but we're going to mow down the kill-10-of-these-guys quests. Maybe we'll just do a lot of those quests and run instances. Sounds like a good time to me!

Quote of the night: "Hey, Ess. Did I enchant your chest yet?" - Daxe


Anonymous said...

I love all the pics! Any way you could post them so they are larger? It's hard to see some of the details (especially the chat boxes).

Waradwen said...

Yay! I'm glad you like the pictures! If you click on the pictures, it'll take you to my Flickr page where you can see the full-size versions, but I'll see what tweaks I can make.

Daxenos said...

Priest, fashion mogul, and plastic surgeon all in one HAWT package. Who could ask for anything more!

hahahahahahahahahahahaha.....ah ha ha ha......ahhhhhhhhhh


Rabbit Stew said...

aw man...I may be undead but my chest should get some enchanting. Probably especially since I'm undead...there's been some...uh...sagging /blush