Wednesday, February 6, 2008

group quests in SMV

I finished a couple of long quest lines in Shadowmoon Valley last night which makes me quite pleased. I couldn't find a group in the guild to run any instances (hypothetical raid starting in half an hour from when I logged on, despite nothing being scheduled) so I decided to go do the quests that would get me neutral with Netherwing. I zipped through the quest line -- only the crystal collection was frustrating, because I had a hard time finding the doogies that drop the crystals -- and found myself ready to face Zuluhed the Whacked. I polled the guild and found a couple people to help: a resto druid, a level 68 lock, and a 70+ balance druid who was working on his Netherwing rep, so he couldn't actually target Zuluhed. Okay, so we had megaheals, but were a little light on DPS. We were about to bag it for the night when a 70 rogue chimed in on the general chat, looking for people to drop Zuluhed. Hurray! I ended up essentially tanking Zuluhed (Panzerkin ftw) and the rogue and I burned him down pretty quickly. Not quite quickly enough to avoid the first summonned add, but almost. We freed the dragon and I picked up the [Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm], a nice healing off-hand do-jobbie.

We then went on to finish the Cipher of Damnation quest line, which makes me extra happy. The rogue and I needed to down Ruul the Darkener, then we all went to face the ginormous fire elemental. I had seen Gruul and some larger-than-life characters before, but he was still freaky. Our balance druid swapped for his warrior who needed the quest, so he tanked and the rest of us brought the pain. We had an overzealous pally join us, letting the resto druid heal from the outside (he wasn't nearly ready with the quest line). The pally kept trying to steal aggro from our warrior (the warrior had to actually warn him to slow down at one point!), but otherwise the fight went pretty easily. I kept myself happily at about 85 to 95% of the tank's threat, basically using my "boss" spell rotation (Insect Swarm, Starfire, Starfire, Starfire, repeat) and had no mana trouble at all. I chose [Oronok's Ancient Scepter] as my reward, but it's not an upgrade. I'm a bit of a softie (if you hadn't noticed) and liked the reminder of Torn-Heart in its tooltip. Into the bank until I need the cash or bankspace or learn to disenchant.

In all, it was a fun night. I don't think I'll have much trouble finding groups for the heroics and pretty soon I'll have my Champion of the Naaru title! Well, assuming we can down Magtheridon, that is...

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