Thursday, February 14, 2008

more antiPuG goodness

Holy crap is this idea popular! About lunchtime yesterday, Ess's blog nearly ignited from the fast and furious comments pouring in. It was almost all I could do to just keep up with it all, let alone get a word in edgewise!

As of last night, we have two and a half groups of 5 who will adventure and quest together, roughly based on time zones. As of now we've got the Two and a Half Orcs (and a brother), the Game Dame, Ess and Mr. Ess, and a few other people whose blogs I'll link as soon as possible. There's a few open spots in Group Three (the Yellow Poxless), so if you get over to Ess's blog soon you might be able to weasel your way in.

We're going to play Horde on Anvilmar, a PVE server, on Wednesday nights (at least). Group One (the Green Poxed) are left-ish coasters, so they'll meet later than we Group Two Purple Poxers, but there's going to be some overlap so we can all mess around together. The plan is for us all to get to level 10 by next Wednesday, then meet in Orgrimmar to continue our festivities. Screenshots to come!

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