Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WOW blogger Ess has had what I think is going to be a seriously fun idea: the antiPUG. A group of five dedicated people who will start new toons and play them only together, on a regular, organized basis. Yeah, it's really a thin excuse to roll another alt, and we probably won't get to end-game content, but who cares? We're going to seriously pwn until we get there. We'll be like a freaking steamroller, plowing through Azeroth and (hopefully!) Outland. W00t. And actually, I don't see why we won't be able to do end-game instances and heroics if we plan our class balance decently now.

So what do we need? I'm thinking a druid tank (but maybe I'm biased), a priest healer, a mage for hella-AOE action and sheeping, a lock for serious DPS (and some cc), and...something else. Another druid could bring kitty DPS, backup bear tanking and caster off heals. That's just my bias, though. Maybe we should have a pally or warrior tank instead of the druid and have the fifth person as a druid. Decisions, decisions.

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