Thursday, February 7, 2008

more screenshot goodness

It's Lunar Festival! The time when all of the world gets invited to celebrate in Moonglade. Where they all spend their time PVPing. Bastards.


My current wartime gear, for comparison. I really feel like a doofus in that hat.


While waiting to finish the Gorefiend quests in SMV the other day, I caught this nice picture of myself on top of a mountain. I almost want to wear those [Spectrecles] around town all the time.


Near the end of the Gorefiend's Armor quest, the dragon thought he'd like some beef ribs. Sadly, the ones he wanted were mine...


If you look closely, you can see my foot sticking out underneath his right eye.

Other than those, nothing terribly exciting to report. Do you guys like seeing these pictures? I take them for myself, but thought y'all might like to share. If not, I'll quit wasting your bandwith.

I'm planning to go raiding tonight. I think we're going to go hit up Loot Reaver again. I'm still moderately undergeared, of course, but I think that I can do a little damage. Better to have my peashooter in the fight than a 24-man raid, right?

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