Sunday, February 17, 2008

antiPUG anticipation

Little Waradwenne hit level 10 earlier this morning, so she's ready for Wednesday's big night. I'm so excited. We've all been online the past few nights independently leveling and starting our professions and have been having a good time in chat. We seem to have a decent number of crafters at the moment, so I've decided just to pick up two gathering professions. The stacks of copper bars sell nicely, so I have a few gold coins jingling around in my purse, some of which will go towards our guild tabard Wednesday night. I'm following Og's great advice and trying to flip a little on the AH, too, but I've just started. It's hard to buy stuff -- even if it's relatively cheap -- when you only have a few silver to your name. :-D

I've got two pictures to share with you tonight, before I hit the sack. First, I took a nice picture of Waradwenne's first meeting with Thrall.


Second, my first group picture with a soon-to-be-antiPUG-guildie. Daxe is the tailoring specialist right now, having made an extremely helpful set of bags for our toons. I had forgotten how painful it is to run around with only 16 bag slots available! She also made me a nice [Barbaric Linen Vest], which she claims makes me look like I'm actually wearing a top, and some pants which are in the mail [Handstitched Linen Britches]. Here we are meeting in Razor Hill, flirting and laughing with each other. Very fun. Dig my plunging neckline, too. Hawt, right?


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Daxenos said...

Flirts and jokes, FTW!!!

I hate Thunderbluff; you can't find a good burger anywhere!


ah ha ha ha