Thursday, November 29, 2007

wasting money

Remember the other day, when I was rambling on about having too much money? Yeah...I figured out a good way to spend it all. Drop alchemy and level leatherworking. Yeah, baby! Way to make rash, poorly-thought-out decisions, Wara! Okay, okay, so it's somewhat thought out, and I have a plan. Wara himself is going to maintain alchemy and level up leatherworking, mostly so I can continue making super mana/health pots for myself and friends, and so I can make myself the Windhawk Armor. At the same time, I'm going to take advantage of the XP nerf and start working on my next toon who will be both an herbalist and a skinner. Since that will take some time (and I'm impatient), most of my leather feedstock is going to come from the AH. Not cheap.

I did find a nice leatherworking guide, though, which should help me move efficiently up through the ranks.

I blew some more money at the AH on my gear, too. I bought [The Dreamer's Shoulderpads] which are a nice improvement over what I had before. Not epic, but nice. Since I'm primarily using my one-handed mace now, I also picked up an [Archmage Orb of the Invoker] for a little more +int and spell crit than the fish was giving me. Not that I dislike the fish, mind you, but this seems a little more...helpful.

Okay, enough spending. Time to go make this money back and make myself even more hawesome than I already am. Well, after I'm done with work. And TA-ing that biochem exam. Fine. Laters.

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