Wednesday, November 21, 2007

getting close now

Ding 67! Hurray! I've spent the past couple of days clearing most of the solo-able quests in both Nagrand and Terokkar Forest which has brought me lots of experience, money, and vend-/auction-ables (more moneys, really). The gold differential is really just stupid. Stupid-crazy, not stupid-not smart, that is. Not ten levels ago it was a significant achievement to make 10 gold in a day. Now, give me an hour -- maybe -- and I'll have that for you. Training is more expensive, too, but it hardly even matters, the gold is so plentiful. Earlier this week I went back and trained all of the available animal-form spells that I have been neglecting since, oh, two months ago, and still have almost 200 gold in the bank. Not that I'm complaining, of course, just observing. I should be saving for my next riding training, but instead I'm giving it away. There's a younger member of our guild (someone's young-teen brother) who just hit 40 and I'm going to give him at least half of his first mount, depending on how much I've saved. How nice is it to be able to do that? I remember how cool it was when Zal did the same thing for me, so it's really gratifying to be able to pass that along.

Since I'm down to the elite quests for my current zones (and because I'm too lazy to scare up a group to go finish them), I'm pressing onwards towards Shadowmoon Valley and Blade's Edge Mountains. I had breadcrumb quests leading me both places, but have found myself in SMV more. What a serious change in atmosphere that is, after spending a lot of time in Nagrand! Holy crap, man. Or perhaps unholy. Evil Things are Afoot in that zone. The loots are nice, though. I've picked up four or five greens worth six gold as well as [Recipe: Fel Strength Elixir]. Yay!

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