Wednesday, April 23, 2008

warrior woes

Leveling a warrior is tough, man! Little Rotaan is up to level 14 and it has been tough slogging so far. I'm getting better at pulling single mobs away from a group (hurray for cheap guns!) but still have trouble when I get swarmed by more than about three comparable-level mobs. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice, I suppose. Or as a guildie recommended, I need to go to another zone and try some green-level quests for the time being.


Dave said...

Warrior is a tough class to level because you are so dependent on the weapon you wield. My warrior is currently 36, and the best thing I've found is to get a new one no more than every 3 levels. It gets better after 30 when you have beserker stance, but still I find it hard to take on more than 1-2 guys at a time, unlike the druid. I hate using potions, but I find that my warrior has to do it quite often or fear-bandage whenever possible. Probably why there's a lack of warrior tanks out there, they just arent that fun to level. Good luck!

Waradwen said...

That's a good point. I have been using the same axe for the last few levels...maybe it's time to look for an upgrade. I go through pots like crazy, too! I should have taken up alchemy, so I could make them myself. Nah, probably not. :)