Friday, April 11, 2008


How many groups of five players do you know of that can run SFK three times in three hours, killing all of the bosses and the vast majority of the trash? I can name one, myself, the Purple Poxers.

We took last week off due to some personal stuff but came back last night with a vengance. As the others have already mentioned, we did get together on Tuesday night for some class-quest festivities, which was a lot of fun but not quite the same fun as tearing down an instance has become. There was a lot of running around which doesn't do this orc's feet much good at all. Not all of us have those hooves, Madja. :-)

But last night was pure Purple Poxing pleasure. I went in with hopes of getting through SFK about one and a half times. I figured we would clear it in a few hours, then get to the second boss before our three hours were up. Man, was I wrong. We started about 7 eastern and killed Arugal a little after 8. And a little after 9. And just before 10. Three full runs in three hours. [Feline Mantle]s for all of the casters. Thrice sharded [Odo's Ley Staff]. A [Bloody Apron] for me (my first blue! and I even won the roll! Nevermind that nobody else rolled...). A [Belt of Arugal] for me (legitimately won on a roll!) and for Mr. Ess (I think, or did Daxe get the second? I don't remember). Some nice tanking stuff ([Rift Bracers] and [Fenrus' Hide]). And lots of [Mutton Chop]s. We must look like an 1880's barbershop quintet, given all the mutton chops we're sporting.

We had a slightly rough start, when I accidentally pulled the first few mobs after ridding the world of a plague-ridden Black Rat. Apparently they took offense, but we handled them easily. In fact, all three runs were fast and smooth. No wipes; in fact, I don't think we had any deaths at all. Harisan's tanking was superb and consecrate made short work of multiple-mob pulls. In fact, I think the most difficult part was targeting the next mob to fall, we were killing them so quickly.

We did the first two runs with my lovely pyromaniacal imp, then I thought I'd let my newly acquired succubus get some practice. She did reasonably well, but I don't think she did as much damage as the imp did. She'll be more useful when I get a few more levels and can train seduction and provide a little CC. Until then, we'll let Ababis bring the high heat, I think.

The plan for next week is to stick our heads underneath the water and plumb the Blackfathom Deeps. Skimming through the loots, I'm not sure that this is an instance we'll want to farm, but we may want the extra experience from a second run. And then we'll be off to the Kraul and Gnomer!

On a more personal note, I'd just like to say publicly how much fun I'm having with this group and this experiment. Ess, you're a very clever lady for coming up with this idea. I think I'm actually having more fun than I imagined that I could, when we first started organizing the groups. We've got a great group of people who are simultaneously serious about wanting to play well and blitheringly silly, which makes being online with them a treat. Pox nights are totally full of win.

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Nasirah said...

She'll be more useful when I get a few more levels and can train seduction and provide a little CC.

CC? I've got all the CC we need: Consecrating Coolness! =)

Daxenos said...

LOL!! Spoken like a true Pally Tank, Harisan!