Wednesday, April 16, 2008

/cast Rebirth (Rank 6)

Breaking news! It's a banner week in the world of moonkin blogs! Two of my favorite blogs, the main two blogs that led me into the joys of the boomkin, are back on the scene!

First back was Confessions of a Part-Time Panzerkin, which was very exciting in and of itself. This is the first blog I found that described how to think about being a Panzerkin, an experiment I'm still itching to try. Plus, he's got the coolest blog tag I've seen in a long while. "Holds Aggro. Will Travel. Wire Panzerkin, Shattrath City." Awesome.

And today, joy of joys!, Laser Chicken is back! Delos was extremely helpful in my late-60's and learning the game post-70, so it's quite a thrill to see that he's back. Plus he's got a new ley-deh friend who is also a WoW blogger. He may never see the light of day again, poor guy.

If you don't read either of these blogs, I'm going to smack you over the head I'd recommend that you start. Now!

Um, part two of my overly-detailed review of the weekend's adventures will come in a little bit. I know I promised it to you yesterday, but, well, yeah. That's how I am. :-)

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