Monday, April 7, 2008

weekend update: MrT, fishing

So much fun this past weekend, so little blogging. Whoops. :-D

I took Friday night off as Mrs. Wara didn't have to work at the hospital overnight, and we saw a movie. 21. Pretty fun. Not great, but worthwhile. I never did like the main character...actually, I largely disliked him. Impossibly good MCAT score and you can't figure out how to get a loan for med school? Really? Dumbass.

Saturday night was supposed to be a return to the raiding, but it sadly didn't materialize. The guild had an awesome Friday run and downed Prince, so we were faced with Illhoof, Netherspite, and Nightbane. Tough fights. Additionally, I think that the guild currently stands at having downed 11/12 Kara bosses, with only Illhoof remaining, so I was really excited about the chance to be involved in a guild-first kill. Unfortunately, we were a healer short and the GL called the raid. So what to do with nine raiders on a Saturday night? Why, let's go take a peek at Magister's Terrace.

Holy crap is that ever a hard instance! Our group was a warrior tank, me (boomkin DPS), a hunter, a rogue, and a resto druid for heals, all heroic- and Kara-equipped, and we got our asses handed to us. Hard. In about two hours we got through two bosses and wiped about five times. All of our wipes were on trash. The bosses were pretty quick and fun fights -- at least the two that we saw -- but the trash pulls were seriously hard. I actually had a really good was almost nice to be challenged that much. Almost. I got to off-tank on a few pulls (panzerkin ftw!) and was able to prevent a couple of wipes after our healer went down by either getting him rezed and innervated or by taking over healing duties.

I spent Sunday relaxing and recovering from Saturday's violence. I was up early Sunday morning, so I ripped through about ten dailies and blew a bunch of money on the AH. All I need now is the seven and I'll have my [Lunacy Deck] completed. I'm also stocked up on raid consumables ([Flask of Blinding Light], [Superior Wizard Oil]) for another couple of weeks, which is nice.

Sunday evening I spent some time leveling my fishing and was rewarded with a [Weather-Beaten Journal] on my last cast of the day. Seriously, my last one. I had been fishing for about and hour, had more than a full stack of [Zangarian Sporefish] (to make into my new favorite buff food, [Blackened Sporefish]) and was going to call it a night, but had another two minutes on my lure. "Here, there's some Steam Pump Flotsam...let's go try that..." Woo hoo! Now all the schools of fish show up as little yellow dots on my minimap, so I won't have to fly all around the lake to find the next Sporefish School. Very nice.

I also picked up one new piece of gear this weekend. I grabbed the [Wyrmhide Spaulders] from the Cenarion Expedition, a slight improvement over my [Dreamer's Shoulderpads]. Hurray for more stamina and intelligence! Plus, the new shoulders look like turtle shells, which amuses me greatly. One of these days I'll get around to farming Capacitus for the [Lunar-Claw Pauldrons] (or maybe we'll get into Gruul's Lair and I'll get those lovely [Pauldrons of Malorne]? Hmm?)

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