Thursday, April 24, 2008

OPP: the second P is for Purple Poxers

The missing P is a typo.

Another week, another dungeon down. Last night the Purple Poxers tore up Razorfang Kraul, making us an undefeated 5-0 against dungeons this season. As is becoming usual, we had no deaths. We did, however, break a sweat at one point when we aggroed an entire room of level 26 and 27 elites, but even they couldn't bring us down (although Daxe ran out of mana towards the very end). Let's see some of the highlights!

Here we are, about to take out the first boss of the instance, Aggem Thorncurse.

And here he is, 30 seconds later, dead.

Next? Why it's boss number 2, Death Speaker Jargba. It's hard to tell in this picture, but I'm dancing on his corpse, to avenge the bullying he and his thugs used to do to poor Cait.

Another boss...

This was just after killing the giant pig boss. Somebody skinned him before I could grab the picture, but you can see the hole where he used to be.

Oh! Look who makes an appearance! The Blind Hunter!

You should've stayed home, man.

And the last boss, about to go down.

Here's the most frustrating part of this instance. Although we were clearing it handily, we were still too low a level to do some of the quests! Srsly!

Ah, our most difficult fight. See all of the mobs in this room? We're about to be attacked by them all. (Plus, isn't that a nice shot of Daxe's rear? Meow!)

Of course, we survived. Them? Not so much.

After tearing through the escort quest and discovering that the tuber collection quest was bugged (it wouldn't let any of us open the tubers! Maybe we were too low a level, eh?), we decided to try to get Harisan the nice helm that the second boss drops. No luck the second kill, but on the third? Jackpot!

Time to hearth and do some training!

See you guys next week, when we start reclaiming Gnomeregan from the troggs!


Nasirah said...

lol... "Pig goes here."

Dave said...

Must... catch.. purple!

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya - I was so mad when he took my lunch money. So glad you danced on his body though. Revenge is ever so musical.

Daxenos said...

Aha! I thought someone was looking at me...