Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kara <3 Moonkins

First, a brief guild update. After much thought and consideration, I'm now a nooblit in Kiss My Murlock. I wasn't going to rush into another guild, but the thought of being guildless at 70 didn't seem very appealing, and this group looks like a great fit for me. I have a dear friend who is already an officer in the guild, so I'm looking forward to getting to play with her more, and frequent commenter and resto blogger Llanion is also a member. Plus, they're fun, casual, and seem to be pretty mature and cool and stuff. I played in-game-mail tag with the current gl and finally caught up with him on Saturday. I'm pretty excited.

Last night Mrs. Wara was asleep, so I was screwing around online. Big surprise, right? Just as I'm trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the evening -- I was thinking about trying to round up a group for Arcatraz...I have like a half-dozen quests in there -- the Kara run starts getting organized. And they need DPS. Guess who's got four hooves and got to go DPS last night? That's right! This guy! I had a fantastically wonderful time and got some freaking awesome loots, which I was seriously not expecting.

The group had already started the Kara run for the week, so the first boss fight was Curator. Having never been there, I spent a few minutes pouring over the WoWWiki entry, had a very nice description from Llanion about what was expected, then we burned him down. Somehow I ended up budgeting my mana just right and was about to go oom when he went down. I need to get better at using my trinkets, but overall I'm pleased with how I did. And guess what he dropped? The [Staff of Infinite Mysteries]. And they gave it to me! Holy freaking crap! Now I really do need to focus on getting the major spellpower enchant mats together, 'cause I'm keeping this bad boy for quite a while, I think. Woo!

The next boss was Shade, which was a tougher fight. It wasn't hard, there was just a lot going on. I died twice on our first attempt, first when I couldn't tell where the blizzard was, then when we all wiped. Someone was battle-rezzed during the flame wreath and that seems to have set it off. But that's okay. The second attempt went stupid-fast and we burned him down before he got to the polymorph phase, which has apparently never happened before in the guild. Yay! He dropped a set of paladin shoulders (and we had no pallys) and [Aran's Soothing Sapphire]. Which they give to me for my healing set! Holy freaking crap, again! The healers (who were incredible, btw) already had it (or better), and the other boomkin didn't want it, so I got it. I really almost couldn't take it. If anybody else had shown any interest whatsoever, I would have gladly passed, but nobody did and they didn't want to d/e when I could use it, so...I did decide then that I was passing on anything else. How could I take so much from this group, when I've been a member for less than a day?

By this point it was getting late, but I we were awake and excited enough to go do the Chess event and get a few more shineys. On the way to Chess, Kara opened her heart again to the boomkins and dropped the [Ring of Unrelenting Storms] off of a trash mob. Happily there was another boomkin who could use it, because I really don't think I could have taken it. Three epics in one night, on my first run in Kara with a new guild? Nope. Impossible. Two epics was too improbable already.

Chess was...odd. I took an orc wolf and had fun tearing up the other side's casters, but I really don't understand what happened. At any rate, we won and got some more loots for our hard work. By the end of the night I had my two beautiful new pieces of equipment, my [Violet Signet] for hitting friendly with the Violet Eye, and six more [Badge of Justice]. Not a bad first night at all, huh?

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