Saturday, March 29, 2008

+3 bosses, +2 purps

A brief note about last night's adventures.

I went in to Kara last night with a great crew from KMM. I missed the first night of the raid, Wednesday, because of Pox Arcanum festivities, but that's no matter. They only got to Attumen and Midnight before having to call it a night, so we had many, many bosses ahead of us.

The first boss was Moroes, which was a hell of a fun fight. We had three sets of shackles, so controlling most of the dinner guests wasn't too terrible. In fact, we were able to one-shot him, probably due to the good cc available. I got garroted once (whee!) but we managed to take him down before we all died. For dessert, Moroes dropped the [Brooch of Unquenchable Fury], which I won on a roll. Woot! I never win rolls!

Next up was Maiden, which was a harder fight. The first time, I got hit immediately by holy fire and died before I knew what was happening. The second time we did better, wiping after getting her to around 30%, I think. The third time, however, we took that bitch down. The first half of the fight was slow, and I kept getting silenced by that repentance thing. As I usually do for boss fights, I was mostly using starfire and trying to keep insect swarm up to conserve mana, but when she hit 40% and I was at nearly full mana, I said to myself, "fuck it," and started spamming her with moonfire and wrath. For her last 5% of health, I was moonfiring her like mad. She died (thud!) and dropped the [Mitts of the Treemender]! The resto druid in the group already had them and I was the only other leather wearer, so hurray! More of a healy item, I realize, but still better than the PVP blues I had just picked up at Thrallmar. Plus, gem slots, so today I picked up a [Sparkling Star of Elue] for +8 spirit and a [Dazzling Talasite] for +4 int, +2 MP5. Those gems should be useful for both DPS and healing. If I end up getting a token for T4 gloves sometime, I'll reconsider, but for now they're nice.

The last event of the night was Opera. Our mage had to leave after Maiden, so there was much joking about us getting Oz. Naturally, we did. As we were prepping, one of the healers kept saying that the kill order was "Dorothy > Tito > War > Straw > Tin." Wait. War? Me? Umm...yeah. He meant Roar, of course, but I was still amused when after we burned down Dorothy and Tito, Roar aggro locked on me and just would not let go. I would stop hitting him and bring him towards the tanks, but then if I even looked at him funny he'd come charging after me. Oh well. I spent the rest of the fight face-down on the stage, watching helplessly as they avenged my death, then took out the remaining bosses. Annoying, but still a fun fight. Our guest priest (who was awesome at removing the holy fire debuffs during the third attempt on Maiden) got the [Blue Diamond Witchwand], and I think we melted the other item. Pally shoulders, maybe? I'm not really sure.

Sadly, by that time it was after 1 eastern (we didn't start until about 9:30 due to a RL problem) and our hunter had to leave. We dithered around for another half hour trying to get a DPS replacement, but it was not meant to be. Tonight, Curator, Shade and Chess, at least. Mmm...more badges...

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Llanion said...

Be careful what you say around here. Curator (next boss in the line of Soon To Be Dead) drops the T4 glove tokens.