Wednesday, January 30, 2008

annoying night

It's nights like last night that are going to make me respec back to balance post-haste and turn a deaf ear to your pleas for healers.

Last night I logged on a little before 7, with a good few hours before raid time. My wife was out for the evening, so I had hoped to run an instance (or two, if we could squeeze it in) and /flex my mad healing skillz. I hopped on guild chat and greeted everybody (like I try to do every time), then asked if anybody was looking for a healer. No response. "No problem," I tell myself, "I'll just go kill those last few naga and get my [Tiny Spore Bat] while I wait."

I go through my next-to-last iteration of Now That We're Still Friends... and ask again if anybody is interested in running anything. I'd rather not PUG it for my first run as a healzor since about level 23 and figured I could find a guild run of something. Anything. This time, a guy currently running Bot responds and says he'd like to do any of the TK instances for the rep. "Hurray," I thought, and suggest Mech. Both the balance shoulders that I covet and the other half of the Arcatraz key are in Mech, so this seems like a good solution. He goes back to finishing the last boss in Bot and I go try to hurriedly finish the naga off.

A few minutes later they're done and he's putting together his group. I announce on guild chat something like, "I need to turn in this quest and I'm ready," and hurriedly go run to the Sporeggar quartermaster to get my goods. New pet in hand (well, backpack), I whisper him and ask if he's gotten the group ready yet and he replies, "Yeah. We're already running. =/ Forgot you were interested. =(" Jerk.

I'll give this experiment a week, then I'm back to balance. Boomkin is so freaking much fun that I'm pained to have left it, but am willing to sacrifice a little to help my guild. Maybe they don't need more healers and I can go back.

As nobody else wanted to run anything in the hour or so prior to the raid, I swapped over to my hunter and tried to get the feel of him again. Having a pet cat is hella fun. I need to figure out how to better set up my UI for him, 'cause it's a mess right now. Buttons all over for all the different traps, poor organization of my hotbar, etc. I screwed around a little in the southern Barrens, doing the Razormane quests down there but mostly getting reestablished on how to play hunter, dinged a level, hit the trainer and called it a night. One week, I say, then back to the glory that is Boomkin.


Science said...

Sucks about your Mech. run.

Thought I'd say "hello" as a /gasp NE Moonkin on Arathor, I really enjoy reading your blog.


Waradwen said...

Hurray! My doppelganger! I actually saw you one day doing the cooking daily in Nagrand and laughed to myself, then completely forgot about it.