Friday, January 18, 2008

skywitch Wara

I took a few days off from "serious" playing to spend some time with my wife, but was back at it last night. Guess who has four paws, chicken wings, and is revered among the Skyguard? This guy! Okay, so revered is not as exciting as I had hoped (I somehow, mistakenly thought the [Airman's Ribbon of Gallantry] was available at revered, not exalted) but I love that the NPCs around the Skyguard camps now comment when I walk by. "The skies are safe when Waradwen's around!" Hee. I did pick up the [Skywitch's Drape], but that was more for the looks than the stats. It was essentially a wash with the other cape I was wearing but you have to admit it looks pretty hawt with our pink guild tabards. Well, maybe you don't have to admit that now, but you will when I get a screenshot up later today. :-D

More later. I need to actually get some work done today.

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