Friday, January 11, 2008

I've got the Master's Key

So off to Kara I go! Hurray!

A group of guildies and I ran the Black Morass last night and I finished making my Kara key! That was quite a fun instance, too, almost non-stop fighting for the entire time. The worst part of the instance was when I screwed up our first attempt by getting too close to Medvih, starting the fight too soon. Not a huge deal, we just ran out and reset the instance, but it made me feel kinda dumb. Oh well.

I got some nice loot yesterday in addition to the key, so I passed on all of the shards from the boss drops (nothing useful to any of us). I got [Pattern: Stylin' Jungle Hat] from the instance. To celebrate my key, I went to the AH and bought myself [The Bringer of Death] which totally rocks (thanks again for the suggestion, Urthona!). Lastly, while farming the Ethereals, I picked up the [Enigmatic Cloak of Magic] from an Ethereum Prison. Something of a lateral move...I lose some spell crit and intelligence but pick up some stamina and arcane resistance.

In crafting news, I've got half of the [Primal Air]s for my Windhawk kit. Woot! I'm too impatient to farm the elementals myself, so I'm farming them from the AH. Seems to work well enough. I need to get working on those [Primal Nether]s now.

Anybody want to run something?

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Urthona said...


Happy for you!

About my gear recommends... I didn't see you were Horde! I suggested you get something called a Kurenai Kilt for your legs, but you're probably Hated among them... LOL.

Instead, head to the Mag'Har in Nagrand and pick up Tempest Leggings. With RRY sockets, you can gem them with 3 Potent Flame Spessarites and then for added kick... get a Mystic Spellthread.

And I see on your list you're after Ravenwing Spaulders from Old Hills. You're aware they're a healing item, correct? You're still better off with beating up robots in Mechanar until they cough up leather, but you may be into the aesthetics... so more power to you!

Some more things for you to check out: Look for a Dreamcrystal Band on the AH. It's a +Nature damage ring that should add pow to Wrath spam when you're out and about.

Now that's you're starting PVP and Heroic dungeons, I'll recommend for there too! Save up that honor for Gladiator War Staff. It has a significant amount of crit, an increase in damage, and a hefty start to spell hit. Some people may sway you to a good 1H and an offhand, but I'll leave it to you to weigh your options.

As far as badge turn ins go: Don't drop them on Idol of Unseen Moon first! I'd say save them up and get the Icon of the Silver Crescent. IoSC is a guaranteed damage on use item, and you'll get practice firing it up on boss fights and trash. IoSC is a solid investment that won't be juggled or sold off anytime soon. Unseen Moon is a great item, but wait until you have both your starfire and wrath idols and comfortable with swapping them in fights before spending badges on them... after IoSC and IoUM, it's boots, then belt, then chest... because you'll get gloves, helm, and shoulders from Kara and Gruul.

Good Luck!