Monday, January 14, 2008

threatening wara

A short report and a quick question to my tens of readers. First, I want to say that Delos's boss spell rotation worked really well for me this weekend, especially the long fight variant. In fact, it probably worked too well. I ran a bunch of dungeons this weekend (and partial dungeons for Kara key runs) and kept stealing threat (or nearly stealing it) from our tank. Whoops. I did really nice amounts of damage and didn't have too much mana trouble. A few pots, an occasional innervate (but mostly I had that available for our healer), but overall very manageable. Woo-hoo!

My question is actually related to the previous paragraph. My guild officially uses KTM for threat management but there has been a recent desire to switch to Omen. I've been experimenting with Omen but had a persistent problem this past weekend. For some reason, it was seriously overinflating our mage's threat, or possibly not reducing it correctly. It seemed to work well with the tank which is what I'm mostly concerned about, but it was a little odd and I kept fixating on it rather than paying attention to the tank. Is this just me? Is there a new version of Omen that I haven't found? I should probably just ignore it, huh?

Enough for now. Type to you later.


Delos said...

Omen is updated ALL. THE. TIME. It's ridiculous actually, with updates coming 2-3-4-5 times a week to the thing. I mean, I appreciate the devs keeping up to date on it, but that's a little overboard. One thing I did a while back was move to an all Ace addon set. That way I was able to get all my addons updated with a single button push.

Omen should be more accurate than KTM from everything I've read and seen. What's more, Omen can pull threat data from KTM with a single option toggle. Perhaps your mage really was doing that much threat? If it wasn't over 130% s/he won't draw aggro, after all.

Grats on doing well in Kara, I'm glad I was able to help out!

Surania Lorezon said...

One thing I've noticed with Omen is that if you dont keep up with the updates (at least once a week, as mentioned by delos its as easy as pressing a button), those with versions that are too out of date start to do funny things. There's a version check command somewhere in there, use it next time things like that start to happen and see what the buggy raid members have for a version number.

Snotsicle said...

All of my toons use Omen, and one of them happens to be a Mage. I have noticed something strange which may or may not relate to your question.

Sometimes when I cast Evocate in combat, my reported threat number SOARS. Way past the other DPSers, past the tank, sky high. But the mob never gives me a second look, so I know it can't be right.

I have seen a strange threat spike one other time when I wasn't casting Evocate; I think it was showing me at like 1300% of the tank's threat, lol.

Then again, after reading the above comments, I realized it's been forever since I updated Omen. I'm still using pre-2.3 mods and just closing the error frames that occasionally appear. Yeah, I r lazy. :P

Think I'll give that wowace updater thingy a shot. Anyway, check and see if your Mage friend is evocating in combat, and see if that correlates to his/her threat spikes in Omen.

Grats on your Kara key! Just got mine on my Mage and ready to go in there and boldly get one-shotted!! :D