Tuesday, January 22, 2008

grinding rep, gaining idols

I spent my time online this weekend finishing a few long quest lines and improving my reputation with a couple of factions. As of the end of yesterday, I'm only missing the [Flamewrought Key] to get into heroic dungeons. Woo-hoo! I know, I know...it's pretty silly that Thrallmar is my lowest rep, but there you go. Another Citadel run should get me up there. I'm gunning for that [Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess] from Shattered Halls, so that sounds like a good way to get both goals done.

Speaking of Idols, I finished the long quest line in Shadowmoon Valley and got my [Idol of the Avenger]! Woot! It was really an easy quest line but took some time due to its length. Driving a Fel Reaver was totally worthwhile, too. After dancing around for a bit after getting my idol, I did a little googling for idol-swapping macros and found a couple that work nicely. If anybody's interested, I can post the code that I'm using, but it's pretty simple and easily accessible if you look around. The two I'm using now swap in the [Idol of the Moon] for each moonfire cast and my new [Idol of the Avenger] for each wrath cast. I don't have good numbers, sadly, but qualitatively I feel my damage is up quite a bit. Wrath was hitting for about 800-900, I think, and criting for 1800-ish.

I'm now revered among both the Mag'har and Sporeggar after this weekend's grinding. The Sporeggar grind was easy but fairly time-consuming. I kept repeating the Now That We're Still Friends... quest line, killing hundreds of naga. It took me about 15 minutes per iteration for 750 rep, which really isn't too bad. I went from honored to revered in an afternoon and think I can push my way to exalted by this weekend. And you know what that means, right? [Tiny Spore Bat]! I'll be able to give my Wolpertinger a rest for a bit. The cutest pet I've seen so far is Peanut, who I hope to be able to grab next Children's Week, but the Spore Bat is pretty sweet.

Along with the Mag'har rep came some new gear. I bought a pair of [Tempest Leggings] -- which I now need to gem and imbue with spellthread -- and the [Band of Ancestral Spirits]. The ring was a frill and probably isn't worth the money, but oh well. I've already described how much of a spendthrift I am...it shouldn't come as a surprise.

My goals for this week are to finally finish a few more questlines. I've been trying to fire up interest in the guild for the Gorefiend quests without much success, so I'll just have to pug it, I guess. I also want to finally finish the Ogri'la attunement quests (yay, more dailies!) and...something else. I can't remember now. Finish my own Arcatraz key, maybe.

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