Tuesday, October 30, 2007

first primal!

I made my first primal last night which was just terribly exciting. I was killing voidwalkers for a couple of quests and about every other one would drop a [Mote of Shadow]. It didn't take this subgenius too long to realize he could combine them into a [Primal Shadow]. Hot, right?

I'm also making a decent amount of money right now. Not compared to what I'll do after hitting 70, I've heard, but far better than what I've been doing previously. Between the four or five quests I turned in yesterday and the stuff I was able to sell, I'm up over 100g. That's net for the day, too, because I'm fully repaired and stocked up on food and water. Hurray!

My plan for the rest of the week is to keep banging on the Hellfire Peninsula quests. They're all still yellow (or red) and haven't gotten exceptionally difficult yet. Maybe I can even hit up the Citadel this weekend? Get a little Ramparts action going? That'd be sweet.

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