Wednesday, October 22, 2008

this is hallow's end

Until this past weekend, I would have told you that Brewfest was my favorite in-game holiday. Now, I'm really not sure. Between how addicted I've become to Achievements and how much I love the sweet, sweet taste of candy, I am having a complete blast with Hallow's End. And I have the screenshots to prove it!

First, the obligatory pumpkinhead-on-dragon picture:

And how about pumpkinhead-on-nether-ray?

Big! Orange! Pumpkinhead!

Spooky undead pumpkinhead...ooooh...spoooooky...

Well, at least the little animals of the forest love me.

Ghost dance!

Lastly, for this set, have you noticed that the wisps have faces? I hadn't, until this weekend!

Some guildies and I took on His Headlessness Monday night. Well, that's not news. We seem to be doing that most nights, as are most other WoW players. But, while one of them gathered the quest to summon the Horseman, I played punchfight with the Scarlet Monestary's mobs. Somebody wants a knuckle sammich...

On the next-to-last kill, the Sinister Squashling dropped and I won the roll! Woo!

I've gone trick-or-treating through Outland and the Eastern Kingdoms, but have yet to see a flimsy mask drop. Grr. Oh well. There's plenty of time left. Otherwise, I'm nicely on my way to becoming Waradwen the Hallowed.

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