Thursday, October 30, 2008

gorilladins? totally awesome

As I mentioned a few days back, my baby hunter got herself a gorilla pet. Last night I had a half hour to test him out. Verdict? Awesome.

We started out slow, going after the level 32-34 Bloodscalp trolls north of Grom'gol. One or two? No problem. By the end of the festivities, Bobo was holding aggro on three or four trolls and I could blast away to my heart's content. The hardest part, honestly, was picking them all up in the first place and keeping my mana up. Good times.

After tearing them up, a questgiver sent me to the Arathi Highlands, with some nice, tasty level 34-36 ogres and raptors. Again, no problem! At one point, Bobo and I tore down a level 33, 34, and 36 rare ogre. We got a nice clothie hat and access to a couple of iron nodes for our troubles. It was a little close with some of the heals, but we felt pretty proud of ourselves by the end.

I need to figure out how to more efficiently use Bobo's energy, because that was probably the rate limiting factor in our adventures last night. Maybe cast the first thunderstomp myself, then set it to autocast? I'll bet the astute BRK has some advice in that direction. Some how-did-I-live-without-this-before macros, perhaps.


Nasirah said...

You may want to watch Gorilladin 101.

Daxenos said...

I need to watch that too.

From playing around with my gorilladin, I can say make sure to "tag" each mob when AoEing. For some reason, it doesn't appear that Volley "tags" mobs.

And if you don't tag it, you won't be able to loot/skin/herb it. I found that out the hard way....


Daxenos said...

A little correction. It seems that Volley does tag mobs (I tried it last night), but, of course if I never hit the mob, and my gorilladin kills it, then I can't loot/herb/skin it.