Tuesday, July 1, 2008

uldaman pictures

Last Tuesday night was a Poxic Party in the Badlands! We started with a little pole dancing...

And then it was off to Uldaman! Running through the zone this time was far easier than the last time we tried it. Sure, we still aggroed some of those invisible cats ("Orc warlock? Nom nom nom!") but I think we all survived the experience.

About halfway through, dancing and cavorting. There's not a lot of exciting news to report about the dungeon...it was really the same song, different verse. We came, we saw, we conquered.

Say cheese, after killing that last boss! Oh, and the follow-up quest? You cannot has. You's too little.

Later, after turning in the quests that were available to us, we decided to waste the level 45 giant who wanders around the Badlands. Woo!

The plan for tonight is to run RFD again, so Madj and I can finish the escort quest, then decide if we want to burn through Ulda again or go farm the Cathedral for what's-her-butt's hat. Sorry, chapeau.

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