Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SM/RFD gear goals for 'dwenne

In an attempt to help focus our Poxing adventures, I'm making a list of gear that I'd like over the next four levels. What 'dwenne currently has is listed on the first line and the reasonable, available options are listed underneath. Let's assume that at the end of this thought experiment that I'm level 40...

Head: [Enchanter's Cowl]
- [Whitemane's Chapeau] (SM-Cath)
- [Spellpower Goggles Extreme] (Engineering 225; currently 186)

Shoulders: [Berylline Pads]
- [Mantle of Doan] (SM-Lib)
- [Inquisitor's Shawl] (SM-Cath)

Back: [Long Silken Cloak]
- [Silky Spider Cape] (RFD)

Chest: [Robe of Power]
- [Robes of the Lich] (RFD)

Wrists: [Elder's Bracers of the Eagle] (+5 Int, +4 Sta)

Hands: [Durable Gloves of the Owl] (+6 Int, +6 Spi)
- [Shadoweave Gloves] (Tailoring)
- [Dreamweave Gloves] (Tailoring)

Waist: [Belt of Arugal]
- [Deathmage Sash] (RFD)

Legs: [Black Mageweave Leggings]
- [Shadoweave Pants] (Tailoring)

Feet: [Spidersilk Boots]

Weapons: [Hypnotic Blade] and [Omega Orb]
- [Prophetic Cane] (Quest reward from SM)

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