Sunday, June 22, 2008

one year of toons

The start of the Midsummer Fire Festival yesterday marks my first anniversary of playing WoW. It's a little arbitrary, I realize, because I can't remember the specific date, but the Festival had just started when I started playing. In celebration, I present to you One Year of Toons:

The center photo is Waradwen, of course. Clockwise from the upper left corner we have Waradwock (26 Tauren hunter), Warabelle (11 Forsaken warlock), Waratrix (19 Troll mage), Sugartotems (6 Tauren shaman), Waradin (13 Blood Elf warlock), Waraclipse (15 Tauren druid), Floradwen (6 Night Elf druid), Waragrad (11 Human warlock), Rotag (22 Draenei paladin), Rotaan (42 Dwarf warrior), Waradwenne (36 Orc warlock), and Waradyne (11 Blood Elf paladin). Repetition of classes is due to multiple servers or factions. Woo!

Here's to another year, at least as much fun as the past! Much love to Kalimdor Slackers/Slack Attack on Arathor, Kiss My Murlock on Arathor, Pox Arcanum on Anvilmar, and the Sidhe Devils on Kael'thas.


Softi said...

Such! A cool! Pic!

Gratz on the anniversary :D

ruffin said...

Just check out your account details on the warcraft website and *poof*, instant birthday/anniversary date.

The real question is what "/played" tells you for each toon. ;)