Tuesday, December 18, 2007

preheroic gearfest

As inspired by BBBB, here's a listing of my current gear and what I'm working towards. I'm starting to think that I'm ready to try a heroic dungeon or two...

Head: [Stylin' Purple Hat] (crafted BOE leatherworking)

Neck: [Brooch of Heightened Potential] (Blackheart the Inciter, Shadow Labyrinth)

Shoulders: [The Dreamer's Shoulderpads]

Back: [Spell-slinger's Protector] (quest: Bring Me The Egg! in Nagrand)

Chest: [Living Crystal Breastplate] (crafted BOP leatherworking)

Wrists: [Clefthoof Bracers of Intellect]

Hands: [Expedition Gloves of the Invoker]

Waist: [Eighty Silver Links] (quest: Murkblood Leaders..., Zangarmarsh)

Legs: [Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin] (quest: Undercutting the Competition, Mana Tombs)

Feet: [Grim Boots of the Invoker] (world drop)

Ring 1: [Dreamcrystal Band] (Ogri'la)

Ring 2: [Band of Dominion] (a present for hitting 70)

Trinket 1: [Ancient Crystal Talisman] (quest: A Spirit Ally?, Zangarmarsh)

Trinket 2: [Charm of Alacrity] (quest: Voidwalkers Gone Wild, Hellfire Peninsula)

Weapon: [The Essence Focuser]

Off-Hand: [Draenei Crystal Rod of the Invoker]

Idol: [Idol of the Moon]

At the present time, I'm leveling my leatherworking skill so I can make the Windhawk Set ([Windhawk Hauberk], [Windhawk Bracers], [Windhawk Belt]). Beyond that, I don't know. [Badge of Justice] rewards, I suppose. I'm not ready for Kara, clearly, but I'm over 6k health and 7k mana unbuffed. Seems good enough for heroics, right?

At any rate, comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Incidentally, if you play a druid (or are interested in playing one) and aren't reading BBBB's blog, what's wrong with you? Get thee thence, posthaste!


Urthona said...

suggestions would be appreciated.

Head: Druidic Helm of Second Sight... worth a PuG, and a night of zanax for the tricky Gorefeind possession fight. Good luck. Gem and glyph(Sha'tar) it correctly,

Shoulders: Lunar Claw Pauldrons, Mechano-Lord Capacitus, Mechanar. Inscription from Scryer/Aldors

Back: Cloak of the Void, BOE Rare Quality Tailored item. Get one made ;-)

Chest: Chests are unfortunately weak, but you seem hell bent on making the Windhawk set. I say more power to you, as the Windhawk is far andd away the most impressive chest you'll find until you start running Heroics consistently. But in the interest of completing a "set"... consider finding a group for Heroic Mana Tombs. Pandemonius drops the Robes of the Starry Night, a leather chest that is beautiful, blue, and bound to be in pictures.

Wrists: Windhawks.

Hands: Starlight Gauntlets from Hungarfen in Underbog. A low item level, sure, but the only dmg leather in the game unless you feel like compromising for cloth. In which case, Incanters(Hydromancer Thespia) is a more attractive option.

Waist: Windhawks.

Legs: Kurenai Kilt, rep vendor. Mystic Spellthread.

Feet: Moonstrider Boots, first boss in Sethekk Halls. Enchant with Vitality.

Trinket 1: Assuming you're already working on your Sha'tar reputation for the Glyph of Power, consider getting Xi'ri's Gift.

Trinket 2: Vengeance of the Illidari is a trinket reward from the Overlord questline in Hellfire Ramparts. Look it up. It's a great item to have.

Weapon: Bringer of Death. I'm surprised I have to tell you this! BoD is ridiculously popular among pre-Kara 70s and can be purchased from the auction house.

Idol: Idol of the Avenger, a reward from a very long questline in Shadowmoon Valley. While moonfire spam is fun, you'll get more mileage from the Wrath additive on this relic.

Good luck! ;-)

Urthona said...

For the gear youll be getting pre-Kara, I'd suggest saving your money and getting the Uncommon level gems. They're relatively inexpensive and the names appear in green text.

While spell hit is important, I'm going to suggest gemming for spell damage and spell crit, as the gear pre-kara should be the gear you solo and grind with.

Look for Glowing Shadow Draenites for blue sockets, Potent Flame Spessarites for yellow sockets, and Runed Blood Garnets for red sockets.

Waradwen said...

Thanks for the advice! Part of my windhawk obsession is that I'm really enjoying the crafting side of the game, I find it satisfying to make the stuff myself...that probably says more about my psyche than anything.

I still find the gems to be rather baffling, so thank you for those suggestions. I've been looking for spell crit and +int but will keep an eye out for those suggestions.

Thanks again!